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September 4, 2014 - Ray Martino


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Fitchburg, MA, U.S.A.  (June 25, 2014) – Simonds International ( will be introducing and demonstrating at IMTS 2014, the world's first Band Saw Blade Simulator Program. The Simulator enables a user to model their sawing application and compare the results obtained with conventional saw technology to unique blade / tooth configurations designed specifically by Simonds/WESPA for the user's application. This is accomplished via a formula Simonds refers to as IPC (Individual Performance Cutting). The new program will significantly improve the performance, productivity and R.O.I. of a users' sawing operation and turn the conventional method of specifying band saw blades by catalog selection upside down.

Simonds will also be showcasing a variety of specialized carbide and bi-metal band saw blade technologies, all which feature the reliability and innovation that define Simonds/WESPA' quality, The Professionals' Edge.™

"Our new Saw Simulator Program is an excellent solution for the increasingly growing demand for customized cutting to optimize production efficiency. This will undoubtedly offer the user the most compelling, productive and profitable sawing solution for their specific application" said Mr. David Miles, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Simonds International.

Simonds International's Booth #N-7472 is located in McCormick Place, in the North Hall. IMTS 2014 will be held September 8–13 in Chicago, Illinois.


About Simonds International

Simonds International offers an extensive array of professional grade products including a comprehensive line of industrial saw blade technologies for metal and wood, a broad variety of wood-processing machine knife technologies, the support/maintenance equipment for many of its products and hand files.  Its products are sold through a comprehensive world wide distributor base.

For more information, contact Simonds International by calling toll-free (800) 343-1616, visit or email David Miles at