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Never Yield to Steel Tour

March 21, 2012 -


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Fitchburg, MA (March 21, 2012) - Simonds International today announced the launch of its The "Never Yield To Steel" Application and Training website for industrial cutting solutions.

The Never Yield To Steel website will spotlight Simonds' support of on-going developments in bandsaw blade technologies and will involve customers and industrial distributors in finding solutions for "real world" cutting applications.

"This website is designed to create interest at the end-user level while supporting the business efforts of our distributors in the field," stated David Miles, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Simonds. "The Never Yield To Steel site reflects the energy and excitement that our sales force brings to working with our customers."

The site details the optimum applications for our BroadBand® and A8 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades - saws handle the broadest cutting applications and cut the broadest material ranges to reduce the number of costly blade type changeovers by operators. Simonds BlockBuster M42 Bandsaw Blades are engineered for high-production cutting applications. These saws thrive where cut accuracy and blade life are the most critical factors and can cut through a wide variety of steel including carbon, chrome, tool, die and stainless as well as titanium and other alloys. Triple Chip Carbide Blades are ideal for cutting applications requiring smooth finishes and high production rates found in production cutting operations, steel service centers, aerospace and forging houses.

TBeyond products, Simonds' patented Sine-Wave technology will be showcased. This proprietary technology incorporates a series of "ramps" on the back edge of bandsaw blades, which allows bandsaw machines to exert more force into a cut without increasing machine pressure. It provides an aggressive broaching action in the cut, enhancing cutting ability, reducing work time and increasing blade life.

Simonds International offers an extensive array of professional grade products including bandsaw blades, circular saw blades, power hacksaw blades and power tool accessories including hole saws, annular hole cutters, reciprocating saw, and hacksaw blades, hand files, and a broad variety of wood-processing machine knives, as well as support equipment for many of its products. Simonds also offers a line of industrial products including lifting and holding magnets and magnets for use on the shop floor. Its products are sold through a comprehensive worldwide distributor base.

For more information, contact Simonds International by calling toll-free (800) 343-1616 or email