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Triple Chip Carbide Bandsaw 2" x .062 x .9-1.1 TPI

Item #: 55805008
Box Qty: 150

Applications​  .
Production cutting operations, steel service centers, aerospace and forging houses.  .

Materials  .
High nickel alloys, titanium, Inconel and other exotic materials.  .

Features and Benefits  .
• Carbide tipped teeth increase wear resistance cutting high temperature alloys
• Triple Chip geometry provides smoother surface finish
• Positive rake angle allows faster penetration for high production cutting
• Plastic capping protects teeth against damage in transit and handling

​SineWave Rocks!  Take your bandsawing performance to a new level of rate and finish with our breakthrough technology that further enhances the performance of many of our products.  Unique in a sea of hybrid tooth geometries, the dynamics of pivoting the cut path with a custom engineered back-edge ramp specific for your machine,​ SineWave technology will take you to breakthrough levels of productivity.  Call your Simonds representative today to experinece this new dimension in bandsawing performance!​​​​​​​​​

​Check out the Simonds Band Saw Catalog 2018.pdf​!

Why Choose Simonds?

What do we mean by the phrase "The Professionals Edge" on our homepage?

It all comes down to confidence in quality products.  With Simonds products you have the peace of mind knowing that the designs and innovations present in every Simonds blade and cutting tool have stood the test of time in the harshest environments under the scrutiny of some very tough customers.  We may at first appear to be a premium-priced brand but with that we offer tremendous value for products made to exacting standards from the highest quality alloys and state-of-the-art materials that have risen to the top as a result of proving their worth through time–tested research and performance superiority.  In short, Professional Quality.

"The Professionals' Edge™" also means you have access to Simonds industry-leading product support.  Our first-to-market online Bandsaw Operator Certification Program sets a new standard in the value we bring our customer partners.  We offer comprehensive customer service backed up by our highly skilled and trained field technicians.  We also bring a package on-site training, to increase business productivity to give our customers an "Edge" over their competition.

"The Professionals' Edge™" simply delivers our promise – the best blades and the best people to back them up.